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I’m Jenni, a freelance writer, performer, and production manager originally from Finland, currently living in Galway, Ireland. I write disturbing and beautiful poetic works that misbehave, wander around with sailors and pirates, believe in kindness and treating people with care and if ever given the chance, I shall become a mermaid and live in the ocean. MA in Playwriting & Dramaturgy from National University of Galway, Ireland & Alpine Fellowship Shortlist 2020.

Poetic & Disturbing Playwriting

Eeva Putro in Älä jätä jälkiä. Picture Nils Krogell.
  • Upcoming and past plays & productions.
  • Currently working with grant from Alfred Kordelin Foundation making Älä jätä jälkiä (Leave No Trace), and It’s True I Love You All So Much with Eva’s Echo Theatre Company.
  • Work as dramaturg.

Misbehaving Poetry

Jenni Nikinmaa at Poetry Jam. Picture Anniina Joensalo
  • Publications.
  • Poetry videos.
  • Want a custom misbehaving poem? Order from here.
  • Tequila – debut collection in Finnish will be published by Pesä Kustannus in 2021.

Sparkling Performance

Jenni Nikinmaa at Norpas Festival. Picture
  • Performance poetry.
  • Poetry Fortunes – a poetic, evocative performance – “like nothing else I have ever experienced.”
  • Upcoming gigs.

Get in Touch

  • jenni.nikinmaa@gmail.com
  • +353 89 9765 728 (Ireland)
  • +358 44 07447 09 (Finland)

“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”

Anaïs Nin